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"Hamilton was the greatest constructive mind in all our history and I should come pretty near saying.. in the history of modern statesmen in any country."      
                                                        -Henry Cabot Lodge

"As a general marches at the head of his troops, so ought wise politicians, if I dare use the expression, to march at the head of affairs; insomuch that they ought not to wait the event to know what measures to take, but the measures which they have taken ought to produce the event."                                                                                  -Alexander Hamilton

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July 26, 2004

Dear Alexander Hamilton Historical Society Members,

 Recent months have been both exciting and trying for the legacy of Alexander Hamilton. On the positive side, Hamilton has received more media attention in the last four months than in the last four decades. The highpoint of this media blitz was the Duel commemoration and reenactment held over the bicentennial weekend, July 10-12, in New York and New Jersey. On the negative side, a powerful movement is afoot to remove Hamilton from the $10 bill in favor of former President Ronald Reagan. The media and legislative limelight creates both opportunities and challenges for our nascent organization and the cause of reenergizing public interest in one of our nation’s greatest Founding Fathers.

Here’s what’s going on and how you can get involved:

1) New Members: We have many new members to welcome aboard. To get you quickly acquainted, AHHS is a non-profit, all-volunteer organization founded in 2003 dedicated to the task of promoting and preserving the life and legacy of Alexander Hamilton. AHHS is led by a board of directors and intellectually supported by a diverse advisory board which includes Ron Chernow, Richard Brookhiser, Sen. Slade Gorton, Zbigniew Brzezinski, and many others. Membership in the organization is open to all – yes, even Burr descendants – and is also free. The idea is to build a grass-roots network that joins together all of the everyday admirers, students, teachers, and historians who are captivated by the dazzling life and legacy of Alexander Hamilton.

2) New Website: AHHS has a brand new website that will serve as the central forum for members to exchange ideas, learn about Hamilton, and take action together – If you’ve been there before, check it out again. We’re adding new material daily and would like your input. We’re in the process of developing new interactive features so that members can share their own thoughts and writings on our favorite subject. If you happen to be a web expert or know someone who would like to volunteer their services, please email us at

3) Duel Reenactment: The Duel bicentennial commemoration weekend was a spectacular success, largely due to the hard work of the Weehawken Historical Commission and the good spirits of the Hamilton family descendants. Well over 2,000 people attended the Duel reenactment which was covered by CSPAN, CNN, and all of the local networks, as well as most major newspapers. If you missed it, check out our bicentennial section of the website.

4) $10 Bill Controversy: There is a movement afoot in Washington, D.C. to remove Hamilton’s portrait from the $10 bill in order to make room for former President Ronald Reagan. In the House, Rep. Hayworth of Arizona has introduced H.R. 4528, which would require Hamilton’s removal by January 1, 2005. The bill has 24 cosponsors. In the Senate, Sen. Mitch McConnell of Kentucky is leading an ad hoc committee to look into the question of how to memorialize Reagan, but McConnell has publicly proposed and supported the $10 bill as the best place for him. Insiders say that much will depend on the decision of the McConnell committee. We have received great support on this issue from Rep. Pascrell (D-NJ) and Sen. Lautenberg (D-NJ) who have introduced concurrent resolutions in opposition to the Hayworth bill. The $10 bill is Hamilton’s most important living memorial; removing him would not only degrade his great legacy, it would debase American history.

Our strategy is to try and preempt the issue from coming to a vote in Congress by sending the loud and clear message that Americans want to KEEP HAMILTON ON THE $10. To this end, we’ve been in the press, on the Hill, and working the phones. Here’s how you can help. First, go to our website,, and follow the instructions to send Sens. McConnell and Frist the message to lay their hands off Hamilton. Second, in the coming weeks, we will circulate a public email petition. When you receive this message, please forward it on to all concerned citizens to have them sign. plastic cutting board

The leaders of the movement to remove Hamilton from the $10 believe he has no constituency, that no one will care when he’s gone. We’ve got to make our voices heard to prove them wrong!

5) Get Involved: There are many ways in which you can get involved: recruit new members, send us your Hamilton writings, take pictures of Hamilton events and historical sites for us to post on the website. Or be really creative, set up a branch chapter at your high school, write a children’s story, etc. – we’re open to all ideas. Also, you can make a tax deductible donation to AHHS. Maintaining the website, creating promotional material, and setting up events all cost money but we’ve decided not to have membership dues in order to encourage as much participation as possible. That means we rely on your voluntary support to cover our costs. Every cent counts. Please make your donation to: The Alexander Hamilton Historical Society at 1499 Mass. Ave. NW #601, Washington, D.C. 20005.

Warm Regards,

Scott Lindsay

"I charge you to protect his fame.... Let it be the test by which to examine those who solicit your favor." -- Gouverneur Morris, delivering Hamilton’s eulogy, July 14, 1804.

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